Monday, September 13, 2010


We have a project going for our Miss Lily! As you can see by the picture we made a basket for Lily’s visitors. Whenever someone comes and visits us we have them sign a pink wristband that says “I heart (it’s actually a heart) Lily”. We have them put what day they came to visit and a little note for Lily. We are wanting to collect as many of them as possible so we can make it into a quilt for her to have so she knows how many people loved, cared, and were supporting her even before she got here. If there wasn't a reason to come visit us before, now there is! For those of you that have come to visit us a big thank you! Know that you are more than welcome to come and visit as much as you want!

It has been a little over a week since we came to the hospital and things are going great! The hospital staff have been absolutely wonderful and have taken amazing care of Lily, Fred and I. Things are looking a lot more optimistic for Lily. I went in about a week ago for an ultrasound to measure my fluid levels. Before I was admitted to the hospital my fluid level was at a 3 which as we have said is extremely low. When I went in for the most recent ultrasound they measured my fluid level at 13 which is in the normal range. Both the doctor and I were in complete shock! He showed me all the fluid that Lily was swimming around in and we saw her full belly and full bladder which indicates she is getting all the fluid she needs. He was even able to check her gender to make sure it was a girl and we now have a picture! Who knew something like that would be so exciting?! Lily has been making herself known a lot more with all the movement she has been making. Every morning and evening they hook me up to a monitor to record her heart beating and check me for contractions. She was trying to comply at first and now she hates it! Unless she is sleeping she likes to play hide and seek with the nurses. Once they find her she makes sure I know she is not happy about it. She will kick and punch the monitor. She also likes to swim off so the game can resume. I love being able to see her little defiant strong personality show! I honestly believe her defiance is part of the reason of why she has been doing so well. She wants to show everyone she is not about to give up or let people tell her what she can or can't do. I like to think this is a characteristic she has learned from her parents!

Fred began his job today which is quite exciting! He is taking CPR classes today and meeting his case manager that he will be shadowing. A nice way to ease into a new job I think! When I update next I am sure I will have a lot more to spill!!


  1. Yay! I am so excited for you guys! It's times like these that I wish we had stayed back west, despite how much I love it out here.

  2. Now, where do you guys live again? We seriously need to get back in touch!