Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here!

There is something exciting about fall in New York. For me, the smell changes along with the general look of the city. I know it sounds odd, but just the way the sun shines off the buildings it seems to reflect differently than it did before. It's such a great feeling!!
We got back from Utah about a week ago and we absolutely loved it there! We got to be there for Chance's and Sessely's wedding which was so wonderful! That night at the reception they had ice cream machines with lots of different toppings, sprinkles being one of them. Needless to say I was one of the first to grab a cup, fill it up with some ice cream, and then dump on the sprinkles. I'm pretty sure that was the best reception ever! While we were there we were able to see all of our family which was so great! One of the things we discovered is that when we make another trip back there someday we are going to have plan out our time more wisely. We were constantly going from one place to the next and not getting home until way past our bedtimes. Despite the craziness and the exhaustion that ensued once we returned home, we loved seeing our families. Something we have missed terribly while we have been out here.
It has taken time for me to get adjusted to things since we have been back. Fred is doing well in his schooling and his internship. Right now he is working on midterm papers that are due this week and finding trouble with keeping motivated with school. We both look forward to Christmas break when we can play and not have school to worry about. Hopefully we just have a job for me that prevents us from spending too much time playing. Fred is loving his internship and all those he works with. He comes home with such funny stories from the day that it makes me look forward even more to his homecoming!
Job interviews are starting to happen more frequently for me which helps to lift my hopes about finding a job here. I have interviewed at a few places, but had a promising interview today with a prominent cancer institute. The interview process took about 2 hours which consisted of me filling out an application, waiting, taking tests, waiting, and then being interviewed. This is a job I want so much with how much they focus on patient care and the opportunity it gives me to expose myself to different areas that may sway my choice of what I go back to school for. They offer great benefits and even a tuition reimbursement program!! Once I saw they had the tuition reimbursement I was pretty much sold! I was told they would contact me soon for whether or not I qualified for the 2nd round of interviews. I hope to hear soon so I can rejoice or go back to looking for more jobs. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it to the second rounds!!
As of yet, we have no big plans for Halloween. Our ward is doing something festive so I know we will be going to that. We aren't quite sure how trick or treat works around here, especially in our apartment building. It will be interesting to see what happens and if we actually get any trick or treaters!! I figure if all else fails I go around trick or treating. Yay for a season of candy!
While being out here and paying more money for groceries, I have come to a great appreciation for Wal-Mart. I never thought I would get so excited over getting so many groceries for so little! We don't have a Wal-Mart here in the city so we hop on a bus and travel across the way to NJ to do our shopping out there. It's about a 2o minute bus ride which is nice, but you pay $6.30 each person round trip so needless to say we don't make the trip very often. However when we do it's something I get so excited about that I tend to talk about it for the next few days. Ok maybe not that long, but longer than most normal people probably would.
Good news! We, meaning Fred, finally did a video walkthrough of our apartment! Sadly enough it's still on his camera yet to be put up on the blog. It should be done soon hopefully so those who would love to see our place can feel like we, again meaning Fred, are giving them a personalized tour! I featured briefly and am more worried about making it to the airport that I just wave him on while hiding my face. Lovely!
Well that is about it from our side of the country. Hope all are doing well!

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