Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rubbing shoulders with the stars.......

I have learned while being here in the city that you can see stars in the oddest of places. Fred saw Jeff Goldblum on his way to the priesthood session outside of the broadway show theater just a few buildings down from us. One night as we were walking around town Fred swore he saw some guy from the Godfather movie, but couldn't remember his name. Then last night as we were walking back from Central Park we turned the corner on our street when I noticed a man walking beside me. It was Peter Gallagher! He played the unconscious brother in "While You Were Sleeping" who Sondra Bullock was in love with. I tried not to stare and quickly made eye contact with Fred while giving him the look of "Holy crap you need to see who is next to me". We wanted to say something so badly! We have decided that next time we see a star, we will just play it cool and say "Hey (insert first name of star), how's it going?" It'll be interesting to see if it actually happens!
Things have been going well for the both of us besides just rubbing shoulders with the stars. Fred just finished most of his midterms this week, but has one more paper to go before he is completely finished. Thankfully his last paper is supposed to be quite easy.
I had 2 interviews this past week, both of which made me hopeful. I am hoping for something to come around soon! Even if it's just the notification that I am hired for a job, but won't start immediately. The end would finally be in sight!Until then I will just keep looking!
Though we didn't have much time to do things during the week, we were able to spend our Saturday doing fun things! We helped clean the church in the morning and later in the afternoon we went to Central Park to see the Pumpkin Festival. It was mainly for little kids, but we enjoyed walking around and getting drenched by the rain. We didn't think we would need the umbrellas, but as soon as we got there it rained cats and dogs! Once we got home we were soaked to the bone and took showers to warm up and clean off.
We had out friends, the Ricks, come over last night and we watched the BYU football game. Well the guys mainly watched while Erica and I talked. It was a lot of fun! Except for BYU losing horribly....
Not much going on this upcoming week except for Halloween. We have our ward party followed by the possibility of going downtown to see a parade. Sounds like fun! We are thinking about dressing up as Jacob Black and Bella. It's the first time since I was a kid that I actually tried thinking about dressing up for this holiday!I'm actually excited for it.
Well that's about it from us. Hope all are doing well and Happy Halloween!

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