Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween and more!

SO I have a bit of catching up to do! I hope I can remember everything that I want to say so we'll see how it goes! The week of Halloween was one of fun and gaining wisdom! A week and a half ago I decided that I was going to go and do our grocery shopping. I had picked the rainiest day of the week to go and that proved to make my first trip of grocery shopping alone a lot more interesting. I walked to the store without an umbrella and was soaked by the time I got there. First mistake. I honestly thought it would let up or not be that bad! The rain here is a constant drizzle that will get you soaked in no time. I knew that, but still thought that I'd be just fine. I had my little cart to carry all the groceries back with me, but for the life of me, couldn't figure out how to get it on the front of the shopping cart correctly so I walked around the store with the smaller cart hanging off sideways. I ran into more people and objects than I care to admit! When I finally got done I checked out and realized that the amount of groceries that I had was more than my cart could handle. A big "Uh oh" crossed my mind and apparently my face. The kind cashier helped me to tie the extra onto the cart so I didn't have to carry anything. Realizing the rain wasn't letting up I felt my best choice was to go and catch the subway that was just a few blocks away and had an elevator. I booked it as fast as I could go in wet clothes and a full overflowing basket and made it to the subway station. If there has been anytime that I have had "Hey everyone! Look at me! I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing!" this was definitely it. People stared at me on the subway and when I got off at the Port Authority it proved to be quite a lesson. The place is big enough that getting turned around in that place takes almost no effort and I was looking for a way to get out which meant I was walking back and forth in the same place. Thankfully a very kind man took it upon himself to help me out. As I left the Port Authority after the man graciously led me out I have never felt so thankful for a stranger helping another complete stranger out. He laughed and made the comment he has never seen anyone pushing a cart around in there with groceries. I laughed and replied with "Is it obvious I am new to the city?"
Last Friday our ward did a Fall Fest which consisted of a variety of food and us being able to decorate a door and have little trick or treaters come by. We weren't really sure how everything worked so we decided to come with our own supplies and idea. Well Fred had the idea I just nodded in agreement. The outcome is the picture above. We felt pretty cool when everyone kept raving about how cool it was. Needless to say a lot more people know who we are now! After the Fall Fest we left with some friends to go downtown and catch the Halloween parade. We waited around for about 30-45 minutes and as the parade was going it started raining.... Again.. Of course Fred and I had changed out of warm clothes to something less warm because it seemed too warm earlier. Thanks psycho weather! Anyway we were soaked by the end, but we loved it! At the end of our blog is a video I took at the parade of a group doing the dance to Thriller. I couldn't resist!!
Now on to this week.... I had the chance to meet with a girl to talk about possibly taking over for her as a nanny! I know, I know.. I swore I'd never do that, but after striking out so many times I need something! After talking to her about the family and how she too didn't want to nanny, but now loves it, I got so excited! On Saturday I met the family and got to babysit the two cute boys! It proved to be crazier than I thought it would be, but I loved it! The family is so amazing and nice. The boys are too cute and love reading. They responded really well to me which helps out so much! It felt good to be working and doing something plus making some money! I talked with the mom more about the position and what I was looking for and things look very promising. The job wouldn't start until January, but that would be perfect for us! We are now able to go home for Christmas and really want too! If I were to get a job that started beforehand, we wouldn't be able to go. I am hoping and praying so much that this position works out!
That's about it from our side. Nothing too exciting planned in the next week, but maybe that'll change!

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