Friday, November 20, 2009

What happens in NYC is too juicy to stay in NYC

I keep thinking that I can do a blog each week and it seems like for one reason or another, I seem to go about 2-3 weeks. The good thing about that is that when I update I have a lot to talk about! The downfall is sometimes I forget things....
This past 2 weeks have been eventful. About a week ago we had a few friends come into town and stay with us. A few of them stayed for only 1 night, but our friend Whitney stayed with us for a week. It was crazy fun! I'm not sure if it was Whitney being here or the fact that I went out and explored the city in more depth. Either way it was a week of interesting stories!
One day Whitney and I went out to start exploring when we ran across "Mustafa". He put a cd in my hand and got me to stop and talk to him. Though that's not difficult to do it proved to be funny. He started talking to Whitney who was 10 feet away from us, trying to get her to come back. Apparently he was worried she was staying far away because he smelled badly and assured her he showered that morning and used Zest. She came over and we talked to him when he said "You two make such a cute couple, let's see you hold hands." We looked at each other and realized what he was talking about. Whitney responded quickly assuring him that we weren't dating and I assured him I was happily married to my husband. It was really funny! After we left Mustafa we went up to Harlem to meet Fred. It was a good story to relate to him.
The next day we went down to Battery Park to check out the deal with the Statue of Liberty and if it was possible to go up to the crown. After we realized they were sold out for the day we went to the WTC site and walked around the Financial District. We stopped by Tiffany & Co. and looked at their jewelery. I almost passed out at some of the prices! We found things that were way over $100,000. We saw the Bull from Hitch and then tasted the food from a local vendor. Delicious! We also went to the Rockefeller Center later that night. The next outing day we went to Chinatown and Coney Island. We were able to see a Buddha Temple and go inside which was really cool. After we left the temple we were standing on a street corner when we saw a taxi coming towards us. It went right across the street and came up on the sidewalk we were standing on. We looked at the driver and passenger trying to figure out what was happening when we realized they were cops. As they passed us Whitney said "Tricky!" and the cops smiled at us and one told us they were undercover. As we were walking around Chinatown we were able to see one of the locals cleaning out his teeth. Or should I more accurately say dentures. It was a good thing we hadn't had lunch or I may have lost all of it when I saw that. After we were done we jumped back on the subway and headed down to Coney Island. There I went crazy finding seashells and watching the ocean. After we were done there I got some cotton candy (it seemed fitting!) and then we headed back to the city.
Thursday Whitney got on the train and headed back home. It was weird to not have a guest at our house last night! After our outing to Coney Island, Fred and I decided that on Saturday we're going to head down there. I'm so excited!!
Good news on the job front, the family I babysat for want me to temporarily fill in for their nanny for a week and need me a few extra days! This is so exciting and gives us hope that they'll offer me the position once their current nanny leaves. I really hope so!
Well I think that is about it for me. I could be updating again soon in case I forgot something so we'll see!!

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