Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've become addicted to the warm weather..

As I sit here trying to think of a clever way to begin my post all I can think is "Man it's been 1 month since I last posted. I am way too lazy, but probably won't change that aspect just yet." There hasn't been too much going to actually report much, but after a month enough has happened that I figured I would share!
First is that about a month ago Fred and I went out to Wal-Mart to do some heavy duty shopping. Since stores are pretty expensive here and self care products are way expensive we go to Wal-Mart when we need some necessities. We decided this time around we were going to take our cart since we bring back enough bags that can be pretty heavy. As we were getting off the bus it took us a minute or two extra so we could grab everything and put it in the cart. Once we did Fred took the cart down the escalator like the kind husband he is. I start walking towards the terminal when I hear this bumping sound and Fred yelling for me. I run back to see Fred trying to run back up the escalator because the cart is stuck. The bumping sound was him running into the cart when it hit the bottom. I was laughing so hard at first I couldn't really help him. I was able to pull the cart out and we continued on with me laughing. We got outside and were walking across the street when Fred overestimated its 4-wheeling power and hits a hole where the cart is thrown forward with Fred almost toppling over it. We were at a busy intersection and again all I can do is laugh. Can you tell I'm a good wife who can help out in critical times such as these? We made it home with almost everything intact except for 1 broken egg. I consider that a very successful shopping trip!
As for a bit of good news we are excited to share, we are officially coming back to the west coast May 15th!! We were looking at options out here, but it'd be too long before Fred would be able to take the test and actually start looking for a job and there is no way we can make it on what I make with my nannying. It just made perfect sense for us to come back home. Needless to say we are both extremely happy and excited about coming home! We've missed it a lot since returning out here in December and we're excited to get back to the Utah state with open space and options of exercising!
Speaking of exercising Fred and I went for our first run today! Nothing big just about a 3 miles doing a walk/run. It felt so good! Good because we've needed to get back into exercising for a long time and also because the weather is finally pleasant enough out here we're able to actually have warmth! It's been so beautiful out here for the past few days. When I go to work I take the youngest boy, P, outside and we spend awhile going to parks, walking, riding bikes, and whatever else we want to do. It's fantastic! We are so excited for the weather to warm up here and us getting back into running. It helps to get us excited for running back in Utah and going on hikes etc....
Work has been going extremely well for me. I feel like I have been able to bond with the boys a lot more and have loved every minute of it! They ask me the funniest questions (most of them "Sadie when you were a little girl did you eat/play/drink _______?) They generally seem excited to see me and we have a lot of fun together. They make me laugh so hard and can make me feel so good! I absolutely love spending time with them and look forward to when I am with them. P always insists holding my hand now and we have a few games that we like to play often. Most of them sneezing and me reacting or him being a mouse or a cat. It's so cute!!
Fred is doing well with his school and internship. We are both definitely counting down the days though he is keeping better track than I am.
Well I think that is about it from us. We are both exhausted from our day and our run. Hope all is well with all of you!

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  1. Seriously folks, the stuck cart on the escalator incident was one of the funniest things I've ever experienced! I'm tempted to do a mock-repeat just so we can have visual representation of this freaking awesome moment that left wounds on my shins and the back of the cart bent...from the escalator thrusting me into it...