Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another month already!?

I cannot believe how fast time is flying! It seems like just when I get caught up with time it seems to slip away again.
I have come to the conclusion that whenever my life seems normal I need to make that exact comment. The day after posting the last blog I had an interesting experience. I had gone to visit a girl from church that happened to live up by where I worked. I worked later that evening so I decided that I would go and hang out at a Starbucks near there and just read my book. I walk in and as usual, it's crowded. I find one seat at an empty table and sat down. I opened my book to read it when this woman sitting next to me asks what I'm reading. I show/tell her that I'm reading Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue". She rolls her eyes and starts talking to the ceiling, which I assumed meant she was talking to God, to help me. I realized that I wasn't probably going to get the kindest response to that book since Sarah Palin is affiliated more with the Republicans and I live in a liberal state. At first I thought nothing of it, just laughed and continued on reading. She continues talking to me. It was something to the effect that her friend had lost a son and how sad it was. That was the beginning and end which is what I am assuming she was talking about. The whole in between text made absolutely no sense. I was polite and responded to questions and tried making nice conversation with her since it seemed rude to me to just ignore her. I look away when a woman sitting in front of the lady I was talking to turned to her and said "Did you just tap me again?!" My lady gave her the strangest look and said no. She then turned to me and made some comments about how this woman thinks she keeps touching her when she doesn't. "Hmmmm... That's odd" I respond. She then looks at me and says "You look like a woman who has a lot of answers!" Wait what?! I laughed and said I wasn't sure how many answers I really had for her or anyone else for that matter. She talked about how good God is and how you have to keep an open heart. "You keep an open heart don't you?" Uh..... Sure? Probably because I live in a city where avoidance of each other is prevalent along with not looking friendly. I like being friendly which has been good and bad for me here. She then goes to the bathroom and I just shrug and go back to my reading. The woman who was tapped stands up and walks over to me as she is leaving. "Is she alright?" she asks. "I think she's a bit drunk. I smelt alcohol on her breath" I respond. The woman seems to think that more than just being drunk is going on and perhaps more towards drug usage. I respond with a "That's possible" since I haven't had much experience with that. The woman then tells me the lady kept tapping her and hitting her. Oh great, I think to myself. I just had to say I haven't had anything interesting happen to me didn't I? The lady in question comes back and sits down and talks on her phone. Curious I watch her from the corner of my eye and wait to see if she was really talking to someone on her phone. She hangs up and it becomes apparent to me her good friend on the phone wasn't actually on the phone. At this point I am more staring at my book, pretending to read, because I have no idea what to do. The lady then bows her head and is fast asleep in mere seconds. I look around and assess the situation. I figure it's probably best for me to leave at that point right? I need to go to work and she seems to be ok inside somewhere where if she needs help there are people around.
The rest of the time since then has been pretty calm. I've been working a lot which has proved to be so enjoyable day after day! The kids are enjoying me, so it seems, and I am enjoying them more. Time always seems to go by so fast which always amazes me. It's nice to be so productive and not have my job feel like a job, but more something I rather enjoy doing and look forward to. We had a big playdate this past Friday which was fun. T, the oldest boy, is already having girls fight over him as to which one is going to marry him. It provided some good entertainment! I've met more nannies which makes me feel a lot better because I feel like I'm expanding my resources and connecting with other people. I had a black nanny ask me my name on Friday. She thought I was the previous nanny and I told her my name. She responded with a "Oh. Well all you white people look the same to me!" I laughed because sometimes that's how I feel when I meet black nannies. Some of them look the same to me and it's hard to keep them straight.
I finally regained my voice after having a 3 days of not being able to really talk. I always think it's fun until it happens. Then I realize it talks a lot of effort to talk and no one can hear you most of the time. Yay for sickness!!
We found out that Fred finishes up school officially on April 30th! That gives him almost 2 weeks of complete free time and he is so excited! It'll be nice to have him more especially since we'll be packing about that time and I'll still be working.
I'm not sure there is much more updating than that.... An interesting story and then us just working and going to school.
Hope all is well with you all!

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  1. I laughed a lot reading this post.... you truly do have god in your heart, because I would have analyized the daylights out of that situation....It would have been fun. Your right time just flies by doesn't it. Love ya and hope all is well