Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Always with the good intention...

So often I come to our blog website thinking, "Today will be the day! I'm going to update our blog!" Then reality sets in and I play around with different backgrounds and just skim past previous postings. I enjoy blogging, I really do! It's just the process of getting to the point of actually blogging. Anyways I was finally in a mood of blogging so here's an update!
Fred & I absolutely loved being able to go to Utah for Christmas. It was wonderful to get away for a bit and be with family. We kept ourselves pretty busy while we were there. Up until Christmas, we spent time shopping for family and each other. I thought shopping would be pretty easy for Fred, but when I started thinking of all the different things I could do it seemed like nothing worked. It was our first Christmas together so I felt that I needed to do something awesome. Instead I just racked my brain endlessly and became stressed because I was sure it was going to be a failure. I had made it so easy for Fred. I know because I told him exactly what I wanted. He was more of the "Whatever you get me I will love it" sort of thing. Never easy to shop for someone who would be happy with anything! Anyways Christmas morning came and we both enjoyed the presents we got from each other. I got Mitch Albom's new book "Have a Little Faith", an iTunes card, and new earphones. Fred got 3 super sweet sweatshirts. From family we got family pictures, perfume/cologne, a printer (YAY!!!!), make-up (fyi it was for me in case you were wondering or confused), planners, Barnes & Noble gift card, and a Wal-Mart gift card. It was a sweet Christmas for us! We were both extremely excited over having a printer. Having to run 5 blocks to print something off and having to pay for it gets old really quick.
After we were done with Christmas we spent a majority of the time visiting family and some friends. It's amazing how many people you realize you want to see while in town and how little time you have! We enjoyed every minute of it though.
When we came home both Fred & I were ready to go back to Utah. We've loved it out here in NYC, but being close to family and realizing how much we love Utah made it really hard to come back. For the first few days we'd have to remind each other that we're here for a reason and come May the possibility is there to move back. We're crossing our fingers to be back in Utah in May!
Not too long after coming back we've gotten back into the swing of things. Fred started classes this week and began his internship again at the beginning of January. He's so excited and ready to be done as am I! I've started work back up again and am loving it! I'm not working full time, but it's been good. The boys and I seem to be building a good relationship with each other though there are those times we're both screaming and crying at each other. Well they're screaming and crying at me and I'm doing that inside while remaining as calm as can be on the outside. I think of what it'll be like to have kids. When the boys are good it makes me excited, but when one of them is screaming and crying for something even when they have it makes me question whether or not I am capable of handling such a task. It's a great experience though!
Let's see what else to tell about.... We're almost debt free! Well excluding the student loan we're almost debt free. It's a great thing! We've rededicated ourselves to being strict with money and setting a budget so we can stay out of debt once we're free. There are definitely times when I think being a grown up is way overrated.
I realized that a little over a year ago Fred and I started dating. We told the story to a friend Sunday night about how we met, became friends, and eventually dated. It's fun to relive those times and to see where we've ended up. Someone asked me if I pictured myself married to Fred and living in NYC. I laughed and said, "I was too nervous we were going to break up and the fantasy would be over for me to think that far ahead!" Now that I'm here I couldn't imagine being anywhere else with anyone else. I still have times where I think "Holy crap I'm married to the guy I was practically in love with since I met him!"and of course the thought of also actually being married. It's a good thing though! I never thought being a wife would be so rewarding and so fun.
Well that's about it from our side. No crazy stories to tell this time, but that could be I'm tired and my brain is not at its best at the moment. Hope all are doing well and remember: If you come to NYC and look us up, you have a free place to stay!

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