Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting back to work

These past 2 weeks have probably been the best 2 weeks! A large part was due to the fact that I was working full time which kept myself busy and out of the house. I was nannied for that time for a family with 2 little boys, T and P. Nannying is something I definitely underestimated. It's more than just babysitting, but literally taking the care of kids for the entire time I'm there whether it be to school or on outings. I've loved the time I had getting to know the kids and experienced quite a lot. There was one day when I was called to P's pre-k school to change his diaper. No big deal right? Right... I took him to the restroom to change his diaper and ended up clogging up the toilet and flooding the bathroom. After changing his diaper and rushing out of there flustered, I threw the diaper away in the trash can outside. When I came to pick P up later I realized the trash can I threw the dirty diaper in was actually a recycle bin. Let's just say it was a day of laughing to myself and wondering if I was capable of nannying. It has given me a sense of what it'd be like to be a mom. Overwhelming, frustrating, and extremely satisfying.
T is the 4 year old and is so adorable! He tells me he loves me a lot and we have a good relationship. I don't see him often, but when I do we have a lot of fun.
P is the 3 year old and one I have a harder time with. He is definitely a lot more attached to his mom and some mornings are quite traumatic for him to see me. I've learned how to better handle those mornings and it has taught me a lot of patience.
The thing I love about both of these boys is they LOVE to read! We spend quite a bit of time reading different books and I love it! These boys are so smart!
This past week I had a second job offer that I decided to take. It's being a personal assistant and it adds some variety into my days. I was worried about taking on 2 jobs, but I found out the mom of P and T is wanting to spend more time with the boys. That means I'll be working 3-4 days a week for 8 hours. That leaves me 1-2 days to be able to devote to the personal assistant. The p.a. job is flexible and is part-time for now. The woman I work for is getting a non-profit organization off the ground and if it starts running she wants me to come on most likely full time as the project manager/coordinator. I especially like this part because this is something that's right up my alley of what I'd love to do. It's still in the works so we'll see how it pans out. At this point I'm so happy and relieved to be able to have jobs!
Fred is getting ready for finals this week and we're both so excited to have them done! He just has 1 actual test and the last 3 are papers. I know he is ready and needs a break from school and his internship. Fred has been working really hard in all he does and is doing an amazing job! We're also really excited that he'll be done in May with his Master's program and will be able to work. Most likely we're going to stick around here for now, but it will all depend on the licensing and what not. Eventually we're going to make it back to the west coast.
We're extremely excited this week because Friday morning we fly back to Utah for Christmas break! I think after this semester we both need the break to come home to family and enjoy the time there. We're also excited about being able to spend more time with family.
Well that about does it for us. We hope everyone has a great holiday! Love you all!

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