Monday, September 7, 2009

First official week in NYC

Today marks the first full week in New York City. We have enjoyed ourselves so much in this city! Last week Fred had orientation for school that starts tomorrow. He is excited to get back to work and, I think, he is excited to be that much closer to being done. We found out last week that the LDS Family Services could take him on as an intern which was really exciting! However as things progressed, we found that they may not be able to give him his required hours and he would have to go to conferences on the weekends. As things have unraveled we aren't sure this internship was what we thought it was. It's not a bad thing since Fred wanted to come here to gain that different cultural experience. We aren't entirely sure what is going to happen now, but we trust the Lord does and we know that whatever will work out will be what is supposed to happen.
Our first Sunday in the ward went quite well. We were greeted by the members of the ward warmly and we even made a few friends! Last night we had the opportunity to go over to another couple's apartment where we sat and chatted with them for a bit. It was really nice to find another couple that we can have fun with and be ourselves. I have to say though Spencer, the husband, looks just like George Michael off of Arrested Development. When we were sitting in Sacrament meeting before it started, I looked over and noticed him. I was instantly nudging Fred and excitedly whispering "Fred look!! That guy looks just like the kid off of Arrested Development!!" We were really fascinated by this and apparently he gets that comment a lot. Spencer said that people will come up to him and tell him he looks really familiar, but they can't figure out from where. It's really funny! It's interesting too because I saw this woman at church that looked so familiar, but I couldn't figure out from where. We got to talking and come to find out she was my TA that taught one of the sections in American Heritage! It was a huge relief to feel like I knew someone in the ward, even though I don't really know her.
My job search is going. I am just applying to as many places as I can in hopes of something being available and right for me. Erica, the wife of the previous mentioned couple, said she has been looking for about a month now, but has an interview with a possible job. It helps me to know that getting a job here is possible, but it just may take some time. Who knows with Fred going back to school, I just may find one sooner with all the sudden motivation I will have with all my free time!
Well that's about it from the east coast end. All is going well and so many new things are waiting for us in this week!

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  1. So I went to Stake Conference and a choir from the singles' branch sang. It was kind of sad that you guys weren't there! I hope things are going well in New York for you!