Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time flies by so quickly

As this week approaches there are a few things that have been on my mind. First is that Monday marks 1 month of being married. Readers beware, this is going to get sappy. As I think about the short amount of time that we have been married I look at how much my love for Fred has grown and how much better and happier my life is because he is in it. Every weekend we try to do a date of some sort whether it's going to the movies or going out and exploring the city. Last night we went and saw "Love Happens". Amazing movie! I think that is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time! Anyways back to my point. After we got done with the movie we walked back home and stopped for ice cream along the way. When we got home we sat down and watched the Office season premiere together and laughed/felt awkward together throughout the entire thing. It was one of the best times I have ever had. There are times when I am traveling on the subway or when we are together that I think to myself "How did I get so lucky??" Being with him I can't ask for anything better in life. He encourages me to do better and when I get discouraged or down, he is there to understand and help. He is my better half and I love him more and more everyday.
Okay on to the second thing! NYC is really starting to feel like home which is so nice! We have been here for almost a month and I have loved this city the more I am here! When we first moved here I felt like we had this huge label on our foreheads that read, "Hey we're new! Come take advantage of us!" or something resembling that. Now I stick my earphones in and walk to my destination and feel like I blend in with the rest of the city. I am starting to become familiar with various routes between the subway,buses, and just walking. It feels good to start knowing where I am going exactly. One of the best things that I have started getting the hang of is shopping here. It's tough to find a place that is somewhat inexpensive and not having to take a 15 minute bus ride to get there. We have found a market that is about 20 blocks or so away from our apartment which is so nice! Here the big thing is to have a cart that can pretty much carry what you want, but is mainly used for groceries. Last weekend we finally found one and bought it. I was so excited to finally have one that I felt like it was a new member of our family. It's so exciting to be able to fit all your groceries in something that doesn't require you to carry it on your arms or your back. Yesterday I found a place that sells produce and spent $7 for 2 lbs of grapes, 4 kiwis, 4 peaches, and a head of lettuce. Needless to say I was beyond excited for this new discovery!! Finding the little places that can save you any sort of money is exciting to me at this point.
The job search is going better. I had 2 interviews this last week which was a huge boost and motivation for me. The first interview I had was with a in-home nurse/CNA staffing agency. The people were so nice and it seemed like such a great place to work! They have people who speak Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and a few other languages that work there because there are so many people who are from other countries. I knew I lived in a diverse place, but there are times when I realize how little I know about how diverse it really is. The second interview I had was with a huge law firm. It seemed to go fairly well, but I was so nervous and intimidated before I went in. Thankfully the agency that set me up with this interview had me come in beforehand and had me go through a few examples with them. I figure since I didn't pass out or start sweating uncontrollably I did fairly well! I have to say it's quite the change for me to be going to interviews in a business suit. I am sticking with the skirts since I feel less awkward in them, but it's still something that is going to take some time for adjustment. It seems like such official and big city dress!
Fred starts his internship this week. I am so excited for him and I am pretty sure he is excited as well! He'll start getting into working with kids at a local high school that have slipping grades or change in behavior that isn't so good. It seems like such a great opportunity and we feel like this is the better choice than with the previous internship. Though he won't get paid, he will have normal hours during the day and be able to get his required hours. I feel it's worth it especially to be able to have him home in the evenings and on the weekends.
One of the cool things we have been able to do was being able to spend 9/11 here in the city. Fred and I went down to the area where they were having the ceremony for those who perished. It seemed a fitting day since it was raining and cold with a strong enough wind. We never were able to get too close, but the feeling there was so solemn and respectful it amazed me. It caused me to reflect on what I had been blessed with and my heart went out to those who had lost a loved one. It was quite a sobering moment to realize the tragedy that took place here and all those who were affected and still are. It made me wonder where all the unity went that was so prevalent after the attacks. What a tragic historic moment it was and how too quickly it was all forgotten. People remember the event, but don't seem to remember the unity and the compassion that was felt everywhere after the event took place. It made me sad to think that we forget things like that all too quickly because we allow ourselves to get absorbed back into ourselves and what we are doing. One day I hope to see that sort of attitude and behavior everywhere with everyone. Not simply because something tragic took place to evoke those emotions, but because people honestly care more about the people around them and realize the blessings this country provides for us and others.
Well I think that is about it from our end. Hopefully I won't take as long to post again, but can't make any promises. Sometimes things are hectic and, let's be honest, I just get too lazy. I hope to post a tour of our apartment soon with some pictures!

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